Parking & Building Access info during UConn Utilities Work: Now through August 2016

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UConn Utilities Work to impact SCC this Spring & Summer


In mid-May, UConn began a nearly two-year project to repair and upgrade utility infrastructure here in the northeastern section of campus. Their work includes replacing the failing steam distribution systems, upgrading electricity and information technology conduits, work on water mains, and more.  One of the work zones encompasses our property here at SCC together with that of the Islamic Center. All of the work in our zone will be done in the first phase of the project, which will take place this year, in the May 11th to mid-August window of UConn’s summer break. (Our neighbors further down the road-St. Mark’s, St. Thomas, and Hillel-will be similarly impacted next summer.)

Parking & Building Access during construction:

  • Parking for Sunday will be available, as usual, in street parking along North Eagleville Road and in nearby UConn lots such as the ‘T-Lot’ next to the Towers dormitories, the Dairy Barn lot next to the “yellow barn”, and the WB Young Lot behind the agriculture quad.  (Note that the lot behind the Floriculture building will also be closed for this project.)  Worshippers with mobility limitations are encouraged to use the parking and driveway off Route 195 for worship.
  • Parking for mid-week daytime needs: People visiting SCC during business hours on weekdays will be able to park in “Area 2” UConn employee areas at the T-Lot near Towers and at the Dairy Barn lot, if they register their license plate number to obtain a “virtual” parking permit.  Virtual Permit registration can be done online at or by church office staff upon your arrival at SCC.
  • There will also be a limited number of 30-minute no-permit-required spots at the Dairy Barn lot (note that these spots are also functioning as the primary parking for Dairy Bar patrons).
  • Handicap and mobility-restricted users are, of course, welcome to use the Route 195 drive beside the Meeting House at any time.
  • Persons coming to the church facilities for weeknight or weekend needs can park in the same locations noted above, as well as any other available UConn parking as permitted by applicable signage.  Most areas are restricted only until 5 pm on weekdays, so evening and weekend events do not require permits or license plate registration.
  • Passenger and cargo drop-offs to the Parish House can take place from the bus stop cutout on North Eagleville Road, with access up the sidewalk and through the courtyard.


Other information about impacts to SCC during construction:

  • Beginning on Wednesday, May 11th, our North Eagleville Road off-street parking lot will be completely closed. There will be no parking available, in either the lot or the driveways. In fact, the entrance driveway itself will be closed; the exit driveway will be available only for drop-off-only access to the Islamic Center’s handicap accessible entrance.
  • The total parking lot and entrance driveway closure will extend until early-to-mid July.
  • Sometime in mid-July, the work zone will be shifted. The exit driveway will be closed at that time, while the entrance drive and portions of the parking lot area will be opened, again primarily for access to the Islamic Center’s accessible entrance. Use of the lot for parking during this second stage will still be restricted.
  • The parking lot and driveways will be fully re-opened in early-to-mid August.
  • Much of the courtyard in front of the Parish House will be closed. The east-west sidewalk between the Chapel front doors and the CE Wing doors will remain open.
  • The western-most door from the courtyard into the Parish House will serve as the primary entrance for access to the front office and Parish House. (This is the door with the wooden ramp, immediately adjacent to the front office.)
  • The entrance off the parking lot by the front office will be closed May 11th to mid-July. This entrance will re-open at the same time that the entrance driveway reopens.
  • The motor-assisted handicap accessible entrance at the east end of the CE Wing will be accessible at all times. Users needing the motorized door assist are advised to use this entrance, with a drop-off location and handicap parking spots being available at the Route 195 driveway beside the Meeting House.
  • The driveway and parking off Route 195 next to the Meeting House will be strictly reserved for handicap and other mobility-restricted users at all times. In addition to Meeting House access, persons parking in this location can access the Parish House complex through the accessible entrance at the east end of the CE Wing.
  • The will be no impact to any entrances into the Meeting House.


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