Parking Information for Memorial Services: Thomas Riechel (Aug 16) & Virginia “Ginny” Black (Aug 19)

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Parking Information:

Memorial Services for Thomas H. Reichel on August 16, 2017, and the Rev. Virginia “Ginny” Black on August 19, 2017

Twice this week, we will gather to worship God together, giving thanks for lives lived among us, and rejoicing in the good news of Christian hope in Christ’s resurrection.
For all attending thes Memorial Services, parking will be available for your use in the following locations:
  • SCC’s own off-street parking lot
    Our own parking lot is open and available during the UConn utilities construction project. Although signage at the west end of campus says that North Eagleville Road is “closed”, it actually still is open for local access to SCC and other institutions.  Traffic flow consists of a single lane of one-way traffic leading from the intersection of Hillside Road / Discovery Drive eastward toward the church.  When you reach the church driveway, there is SCC-logo signage pointing to our parking entrance.
  • The UConn lot behind the W.B. Young / College of Agriculture Building (“Lot 4”)
    This lot can be accessed from Route 195 via either Horsebarn Hill Extension (at the north end) or Horsebarn Hill Road (at the south end)
  • The UConn lots at the Dairy Bar
    This area can be accessed from Route 195 via Horsebarn Hill Extension.  For those of you who have not been to the Dairy Bar recently, there is a brand new lot with 60 new spaces now in place of the old landscaping equipment barn that suffered the fire back in May.
  • The UConn lots at the Towers dormitories (“T Lot”)
    This area can be accessed from Route 195.

The UConn parking lots listed here will have no parking enforcement active on Wednesday, August 16th, between 10:00 am and 1:30 pm, for the service for Tom Reichel.  They do not require parking permits on weekends.  Please take heed of any signage pertaining to any specifically-designated parking spots therein, however.

In addition, those with mobility restrictions and/or handicap placards are welcome to use the Route 195 driveway beside the SCC Meeting House.  Please reserve this area only for mobility restricted users.

Please feel free to refer to the map diagram below for further clarity.  Also, volunteers will be on hand to help direct attendees.


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