Workday Opportunities in October

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The weekend of October 21 and 22 are the days for our semi-annual SCC Properties Workdays.  Currently, many critically needed projects are being handled by professional contractors such as the painting of the steeple and dead tree removal.  However, there is never a shortage of cost-saving, labor intensive jobs that can be handled by groups of volunteers.  Please consider contributing a few hours of your time to help maintain our beautiful facilities.  A sample of available opportunities this fall includes:

  • Painting areas in the Library and Historian’s Office.
  • A cleaning and some reorganization of the second floor kitchen.
  • Grounds work including raking and pruning.
  • Washing windows
  • Seasonal tasks to begin preparing for winter months

Not all jobs have to be done on the scheduled days.  We can accommodate you anytime that you are available to work on a project during October.  There are several challenges that should be completed in a more timely fashion such as:

  • Painting removable shelves in the Library.
  • Clearing the Auditorium stage in preparation for extended use by a student performance groups.
  • Replanting” parking signs in the lot.

If you are interested in working on any of these projects, please contact or email Duffy Brookes at

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