Around the Board Table: Governance Structure and New Bylaws

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At the Annual Meeting held January 29, 2017, the Congregation voted to extend the trial run for a second year and to amend the Bylaws by extending the terminal date of Bylaws changes, enabling governance under the trial run until the January 2018 Annual Meeting.

Prior to the decision to extend the trial run, the Bylaws Committee had prepared a draft of Bylaws changes.  Those proposed changes are of three types – (1) changes that spell out duties of the Congregation and of the Board, (2) complete reworking of Article XII on Institutional Funds, and (3) minor housekeeping items and a cleaner numbering of individual paragraphs (no more Article, Section, Paragraph).  The Governing Board, working with others, has begun reviewing last year’s draft.

Between now and the 2018 Annual Meeting, there will be opportunities for Congregational discussion and feedback on the governance structure and Bylaws.

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  1. Pam Roberts Posted on October 15, 2017 at 8:00 am

    What and when are those opportunities for discussion scheduled?

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