Flower Signup For 2018

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The Sunday Flower signup has been updated for 2018 and is ready for you to pick the week you’d like to dedicate flowers. Complete an “intention” form and return it to the office or Deborah’s mailbox in the copy room. Checks can be made payable to “SCC” with the date of the Sunday flower dedication in the memo line. Flowers are $20.00

At the end of June 2017, Jim Palmieri, the coordinator at UCONN Blooms retired. Since then the store “UCONN Blooms” has been closed and may remain so indefinitely due to budget cuts. Since their closing we have had some great arrangements contributed by members of the congregation and more recently our Sunday flowers have been arranged and delivered by Stix & Stones (1029 Storrs Road). If you have appreciated the beauty of the flowers and the skill with which they are arranged, stop in at Stix & Stones and let Kelly know.

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