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The Governing Board had another full agenda for its January 9 meeting.

A Resignation and an Appointment

The Board accepted the Resignation of Zoe Strickler as Church Clerk with thanks and appreciation for her service over the past year and appointed Pamela Roberts as a Wider Church Delegate for a two-year term ending in 2020.

Financial Review

Mark Makuch, CPA, was present to discuss his “Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures.”  Back in June 2017 the Board had voted to authorize the Finance-and-Administration Committee to move forward with a review of the Church’s financial records and procedures by Mr. Makuch rather than a “full audit” which would have covered much more than we need.  Mr. Makuch’s report was completed and distributed to the Finance-and-Administration Committee in September and to the full Board in November.  Copies of the report are available on request.

Governance Structure and New Bylaws

Representing the Bylaws Committee, Dave Jordan presented an updated draft of the new Bylaws, which, after discussion, the Board voted unanimously to recommended to the Congregation for adoption at the 2018 Annual Business Meeting of the Church.

2017 Budget Adjustments

On recommendation Treasurer Bob Malecki, the Governing Board directed the Treasurer to make the following adjustments to the 2017 budget:

  • Add $305 to the 01-5137 Computer System Support budget
  • Add $30 to the 01-5152 Connecticut Conference UCC:  Delegate Expense budget
  • Add $310 to the 01-5413 Class Supplies budget

Expenditure groupings of the 2017 operating budget were slightly over budget due to over spending by the amounts in the line items listed above.  We typically adjust the annual budget to ensure the major groupings stay within budget.  The $645 total addition to the 2017 budget was within the Governing Board’s authority to modify.

Also on recommendation of Treasurer Bob Malecki, the Governing Board directed the Treasurer to transfer the unspent balance of $944 from 01-5112-001 Director of Music Ministry: Educational & Professional Expenses to the 01-2433 Music Educational Resources off-budget account. Only $66 of the $1,000 in that line item was spent because Trisha was unable to attend the annual professional conference.  There was precedent for this transfer – in 2015, $785 in unspent on-budget Educational/Professional Expenses was transferred to 01-2433.

We thank outgoing Board members Olivia Arsenault, Linda Blum, Tina Huey, and Ray Joesten, for their service on the Board, and will be welcoming four new Board members this month.

As always, a reminder that Governing Board meetings are open to all and that we include a “Present to Speak” time on each month’s agenda in order to insure that Ministry Teams and members of the congregation have access to the Board.  In between Board meetings, we are happy to hear your questions, comments, and concerns.  Do not hesitate to contact any of us.

Your 2017 Governing Board,

Dick Roberts (Chair), Olivia Arsenault, Linda Blum, Laurie Brookes, Jan Castle, Tina Huey, Ray Joesten, Wade Johnson, Bryan Klimkiewicz, Mary Lake

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