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At the meeting of the Governing Board held Tuesday, February 13, the Governing Board voted to appoint Dick Roberts as its Chair and Laurie Brookes as its Vice Chair for the 2018-19 term. In addition, Bryan Klimkiewicz offered to work with Laurie as a de facto co-vice chair.

We reappointed the following to serve as Lead Ministry Coordinators with gratitude:  Duffy Brookes as Building & Grounds Coordinator; Janice Castle as University Student Ministries Coordinator, Carolyn Holmy as Outreach Ministry Coordinator, Kathy Lindner as Caring Ministries Coordinator, Pamela Roberts as Congregational Life Coordinator, and Erin Scholes as Worship Coordinator.

On recommendation of the Treasurer, Bob Malecki, the Governing Board appointed James Davis as Assistant Treasurer with signatory authority for a one-year term ending in January 2019.

Appointments to the Governing Board’s Subcommittees are:

The Facilities Committee:  Bryan Klimkiewicz (Chair), Peter Baldwin, Wade Johnson

The Finance & Administration Committee:  Laurie Brookes (Chair), Janice Castle, Dick Roberts, *Bob Malecki (Treasurer), *James Davis (Assistant Treasurer), *Donna Latincsics, Collector.  An At-Large member of the Congregation, for purposes of Finance only, will be appointed at the Governing Board’s March meeting.

*(Finance only)

The Ministry Committee:   Josephine Evan, Mary Lake, Stacy Malecki, Annetta Miller

Please know that we are happy to hear your questions, comments, and concerns. Do not hesitate to contact any of us.

The Governing Board dismissed the Governance Task Force established by the Church Council on March 4, 2014 (Susan Irvine, David Jordan, Stacy Malecki, Erin Scholes, and Senior Minister Matthew Emery) with thanks and appreciation for developing the plan for a new church governance structure, providing the Congregation with updates on progress, and providing support to the Governing Board throughout the period of the trial run.  In addition, the Board dismissed the remaining members of the Bylaws Drafting Committee (David Jordan and Tina Huey) which was appointed by the Governing Board on July 25, 2016 and charged with preparing a proposed set of new by-laws for the church.  The Governing Board extends its appreciation to David and Tina, as well as former Bylaws Drafting Committee members Bill Ross and Suzanne Hathaway for the excellent work they did in crafting the new Bylaws and for the feedback opportunities provided to the Board and to the Congregation.

Because a pressure regulating valve in the steam room within “Antonio’s room” dating to the 1950s had failed, leaving the Parish House Lounge, Auditorium, and staff offices without heat, and an engineer strongly suggested several other items be upgraded to bring the heating system up to current code, at the request of Buildings and Grounds Coordinator Duffy Brookes, the Governing Board approved appropriation of $5,000 from the Major Projects Reserve Fund for parts and labor relating to the replacement and upgrade of the system.

Pastor Matt led us in an initial discussion regarding Policy Development work that the Board should attend to during 2018.  He noted that through the past two years, the Board has worked with a good beginning set of policies for the church, but that now that our governance structure has been made ‘permanent’, there remains additional policy development work that will need attention.  Some of these needs are

logistical, such as updating personnel policies and filling in some other identified gaps in our church’s policy book.  Others have arisen, or will arise, from our ongoing mission and ministry together; as an example, he highlighted that our newly declared identity as a Just Peace Church would benefit from supporting policies further fleshing out our policies regarding how actions of public witness and public messaging are discerned and authorized, so that the Just Peace Ministry Team can work with support, confidence, and freedom in its work.

This year the Governing Board will again meet on the second Tuesday of each month in Room 201 of the Education Building.  Meetings are open to all members of the Congregation, and we include a “Present to Speak” time on each month’s agenda in order to insure that Ministry Teams and members of the congregation have access to the Board.  In between Board meetings, we are happy to hear your questions, comments, and concerns.  Do not hesitate to contact any of us.

Your 2018 Governing Board,

Dick Roberts (Chair), Laurie Brookes (Vice Chair), Peter Baldwin, Janice Castle, Josephine Evan, Wade Johnson, Bryan Klimkiewicz, Mary Lake, Stacy Malecki, Annetta Miller


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