What’s Up? Eleven Plus Things We Can Do To Create Just Peace

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  1. Choose up!

No one can work hard on every issue.  Choose 1 or 2 issues that are really important to you.

  1. Listen up!

Listen.  Listen for understanding.  Listen with curiosity to respected proponents on both sides of the issues most important to you.  Listen respectfully always seeking to hear another’s heart and hopes.

  1. Study up!

Become informed.  Do some serious in-depth learning about the peace and justice issues which are important to you.

  1. Show up for “Yes”

Show up.  Volunteer for candidate campaigns.

Show up and vote.

  1. Show up for “No”

Protest, march, rally.

  1. Speak up!

Call your representatives when issues of importance to you are on the legislative calendar.   (Fast, and can be done at your convenience.)

  1. Write it up!

Write your legislators.

Write post cards (faster delivery)

Write letters (allows more space for a more complete opinion, and your rationale.)  (Slower delivery because letters and envelopes have to be checked to be safe.)

Write letters to the editor for local papers and other publications

Write emails to your legislators.

  1. Step up!

Volunteer with groups and committees that are actively working on your most important issues.

  1. Cough it up!

Contribute financially to support organizations that do good work on the issue which is of greatest concern to you.

  1. Stand up!

Stand up for the poor, the lonely, the excluded, the oppressed, the stranger, the sick, the frail, the powerless.  Stand up to be part of creating Just Peace.

  1. Dream it up!

Dream up more things that can be done to achieve Just Peace.

Offered by Alice O’Donovan, member, Just Peace Team.

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