North Eagleville Road (NER) Construction Update

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Due to the number of utilities in the zone in front of Atwater, North Eagleville Road (NER) unfortunately will have to be one way again this coming summer following commencement.

The mobilization of barriers and fence will begin on May 8th and heavy construction will follow once barriers are in place.  The island at Glenbrook will remain open, to that traffic will be able to continue turning west onto NER from 195 and then left on Glenbrook but will not be able to continue west due to essentially a dead end.

The majority of work will be occurring on the south half of the roadway this summer although there is some work to be completed in certain areas on the north side.

The intent is to have the road open from curb to curb before the students return in August with binder course of paving in place.  The final paving is scheduled to happen as a night activity in early October.  There will be some continuing work on the south side of NER between Torrey and Atwater to replace sidewalks, do some stone seat walls, and sod into the fall ahead of final paving.

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