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At its April 17 meeting, the Governing Board:

  • Adopted a SCC Credit Card Policy and Procedure and a SCC Credit Card Reader Policy and Procedure, which will be added to the Board Policy Book.
  • Voted unanimously to approve an exterior window project and to appropriate $8,500 from the Major Projects Fund to pay for it. This project will involve repairs to and painting of Meeting House, Parish House, and Education Building second floor windows.
  • Voted unanimously to approve a Narthex heating project and to appropriate $9,500 from the Major Projects Fund to pay for it. New supply and return pipes will be run directly from the heat exchanger, through the crawl space beneath the Meeting House,  to the three working radiators in the Narthex.

Sharing Committee Work:

Finance and Administration Committee

  • The Committee will begin initial review of the Safe Church Policy and will then consult with the Facilities Committee and other groups and individuals on the matter.
  • The Committee raised the issue of how “stewardship” (the fall pledge campaign) will be managed. Pastor Matt indicated that stewardship is a matter for a ministry team rather than a responsibility of the Finance Committee.
  • Treasurer Bob Malecki said he will set up a meeting in July with the church’s financial advisor.

Facilities Committee

Peter Baldwin and Buildings and Grounds Coordinator Duffy Brookes discussed projects for the upcoming work days, notably the improvement of the wooden steps from the front lawn up to the area near the Education Building and the resetting of the loose handrail on the concrete steps leading down to Route 195 from the east side of the Meeting House. They also discussed the possibility that UConn might replace the recently destroyed lamppost on the east side of the Meeting House; the church could then hire an electrician to restore power to both lampposts along Route 195.

Policy Development/Speaking on Behalf of the Church.

The board briefly revisited April’s conversation concerning speaking on behalf of the church. The basic questions remain: do we need a policy on the matter, and if so what should that policy include?  Due to time constraints the Board tabled further discussion until the June meeting.

As always, we are happy to hear your questions, comments, and concerns.  Do not hesitate to contact any of us.

Your 2018 Governing Board,

Dick Roberts (Chair), Laurie Brookes (Vice Chair), Peter Baldwin, Janice Castle, Josephine Evan, Wade Johnson, Bryan Klimkiewicz, Mary Lake, Stacy Malecki, Annetta Miller

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