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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play hand bells? Come learn basic ringing techniques on bells and chimes this summer. On an informal basis, depending on who answers this ‘ad’, I will be hosting short sessions at convenient times for those with courage. A knowledge of rhythmic notation is helpful but you can also be taught. The ability to ‘name notes’ in treble and bass clefs is not necessary as we use a color-coded system.

If you already have some musical background, but not the time to commit to weekly rehearsals, please note that we often need substitutes in order to play in church. The more the merrier.

Our hand chimes have now expanded to three octaves thanks to a generous gift from the Roys. We’ve been so busy this spring that we weren’t able to dedicate them yet.  We look forward to that this coming Fall.

If little Leo can do it, so can YOU.


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