Thank You to our Properties Workdays Volunteers

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In May, SCC benefited from another successful Properties Workdays Weekend.  Many of the ”regulars” who dependably show up were busy or away.  The two days of rain were a challenge as well.  In spite of this, twenty-four hardy individuals completed a large number of projects.  Major accomplishments include re-organizing Room 207 (a C.E. supply warehouse); rebuilding the stairway to the lower lawn and the one from Rte. 195 to the handicapped parking lot; interior painting; raking, fertilizing, weeding and removing invasive growth; replacing the damaged augers on Antonio’s snowblower; window restoration and replacing a “hand” on the steeple clock and completion of the chalkboard on the lower lawn.

Many thanks to the following for their contributions of time and talents:
Ann Marie & Peter Baldwin, Elaine Brand, Laurie Brookes, Rich Cowles, Jim Davis, Jaiden Hathaway, Lindsay & Sue Irvine, Robert Jeffers, Armand Johnson, Bryan & Nolan Klimkiewicz, Jamie & Wes Lang-Rodean, Peter Latincsics, Bob Malecki, John Martin, Rev. Nancy McClaren, Dick & Pam Roberts, Chris & Nancy Rucker and Bob Wyss.

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  1. Donna Walsh Posted on June 25, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    What date is Katy Alexander guest preaching?

    • Matt Emery Posted on June 25, 2018 at 10:49 pm

      Hello, Donna! Apologies that we’re just seeing this comment now… Kate preached yesterday (June 24th).

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