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At its June 12 meeting, the Governing Board approved a modified call agreement to the Rev. Nancy Boldt McLaren to accommodate payment of her newly acquired UCC Pension Boards health insurance coverage through SCC.  Since the call agreement was being updated, additional changes were made to reflect the previous change of Pastor Nancy’s position to three-quarters’ time and changing references to “Council” to “Governing Board”.

Sharing Committee Work:

Facilities Committee

  • Work has begun on bringing heat to the Narthex. Our plumber, Dennis Sadlon, indicates that the work is much more involved than he originally estimated.
  • Renovation of windows continued with a focus on covering sills with flashing and replacing wood trim on Pastor Nancy’s window to alleviate recent leaks during heavy rains.

Finance and Administration Committee

  • The Committee has begun an initial review of the Safe Church Policy and will be consulting with the Facilities Committee and other groups and individuals on the matter.
  • Members of the Committee will meet with the church’s financial advisor in July.

Ministry Committee

  • The Ministry Committee spent time in conversation around our current ways of conceptualizing our ministry structure, and the need to re-emphasize the centrality of concrete, well-defined ministry teams, rather than the broader categories of ministry areas and their coordinators.

Policy Development/Speaking on Behalf of the Church.

The board revisited April’s conversation concerning speaking on behalf of the church. The consensus was that current policy is considered adequate at this time.  In accordance with the Board’s “global delegation policy”, since there is not further specific policy in this area, Pastor Matt, as the head-of-staff, has the authority to make (or further delegate) decisions regarding speaking on behalf of the church.

As always, we are happy to hear your questions, comments, and concerns.  Do not hesitate to contact any of us.

Your 2018 Governing Board,

Dick Roberts (Chair), Laurie Brookes (Vice Chair), Peter Baldwin, Janice Castle, Josephine Evan, Wade Johnson, Bryan Klimkiewicz, Mary Lake, Stacy Malecki, Annetta Miller

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