Results of our Autumn Properties Workday

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The semi-annual properties workdays are vital to maintaining our beautiful facilities.  A team of 21 reliable volunteers completed a huge number of projects throughout October.  As you read the list of their accomplishments, you may realize that many of them could easily go unnoticed.  That’s OK because these things could be easily noticed if the work hadn’t been done.  The following is a list of the majority of projects completed:

Accumulated junk was removed including the ramp over the temporary gas line, the Meeting House basement was emptied of old wood, doors, windows and paints and swept, two Wi-Fi lines were installed in the Meeting House, all of the holiday plant display boxes were painted, graffiti on the courtyard sidewalk was removed, most garden beds were weeded and bulbs were planted, branches and twigs were removed from the lawns, the Chapel was cleaned and the pews were polished, there was touchup painting completed in the Meeting House, air conditioners were stored for the winter, there was sorting and reorganizing of the Meeting House basement storage closet, a courtyard ramp was constructed for the snow blower, the Meeting House basement windows were insulated, invasive plants were removed from the cemetery wall, the Parish Lounge rug was shampooed and a minute hand was reattached to the steeple clock face.

Many thanks to the following individuals for their involvement in one or more of the above accomplishments:  Antonio Aguilera, Peter Baldwin, Linda Blum, Laurie Brookes, Liz & Rich Cowles, Andrew Demorro (UConn student), Dana Gregus, Bryan Huey, Robert Jeffers, Ray Joesten, Armand Johnson, Wade Johnson, Bryan Klimkiewicz, Jamie & Wes Lang-Rodean, Dick & Pam Roberts, Nancy Rucker and Paul Schur. 1 of 2 loads of wood removed from the Meeting House basement

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  1. Kathy Lindner Posted on November 28, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Thanks to all who are on the Buildings and Grounds Ministry team…and thanks to Duffy who is a great leader of the Team!

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