A Faith Formation Note

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I have been inspired by Pastor Matt’s recent messages in the Carillon and by the energy at our annual meeting to start a conversation about welcoming children and families.  That is to say, how do we all as a church together and each one of us as individuals welcome children and family in our midst. 

  • I enjoy sitting with the children in the prayground, perhaps you would, too! I invite all to choose a week to sit in the prayground or in a nearby pew during worship. You can find out how we connect with our young worshipers and their caregivers.
  • We are planning to have some Sunday school sessions during worship in the coming months. Would you like to join us? You could talk about the Lord’s Prayer or about how you pray. We can choose a week to meet families in the library right after worship.
  • Can you help teach children and young people to be liturgists, greeters, help host fellowship?
  • We haven’t had any teen gatherings since early winter. Would you like to help organize one?
  • We’d love to continue the Easter Egg Hunt this year. Could you plan that for families?

You may have creative ideas for steps we can take in the coming months to lift up our young people.  Please prayerfully consider how you might share your gifts and contact me and Pastor Matt to let us know of your interest.

Thank you!
Sue Irvine (susanirvine0@gmail.com)

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