Holy Week 2020 at Storrs Congregational

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There were no trumpets or Easter lilies or even angelic choirs on that first Easter (although Matthew, and only Matthew, says there was an earthquake!). In fact, what did the reality of Jesus’ resurrection result in, at least as John tells the story? The disciples hiding out in a locked room out of fear!

Most of us are feeling a bit ‘locked away’ due to the global virus crisis at the moment… perhaps a bit out of fear, although hopefully even more sot out of a sense of solidarity with and responsibility for one another.

And in the midst of it all, our worship of God, and our remembrance and celebration of the good news of God that was made known to us in the death and resurrection of God-with-us, Jesus Christ… this all continues, even as it necessarily will take different form for us this year. After all, as one of the historic confessions-of-faith in our tradition reminds us, our chief purpose is “to glorify God and enjoy God forever,” and this calling and goal stands before us in every era and in all circumstances.

Plan to join together in worship for Holy Week and Easter, all offered online:

APRIL 5: Palm Sunday @ 10:00 am

Pastor Matt preaching: “Praying When It Is Difficult?”
Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11, Psalm 130, & Matthew 4:1-11

APRIL 9: Maundy Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Join together in an at-home Maundy Thursday experience, focusing on the “upper room” scene of humble service and holy meal.

APRIL 10: Good Friday @ 7:00 pm

Join in for worship on Good Friday, focusing on the Passion of Our Lord.

APRIL 12: Easter Sunday @ 10:00 am

Pastor Matt preaching: “Praying Glory”
Scripture: Jeremiah 31:1-6 & Matthew 28:1-10

Join us for worship, online!

Access all worship services from our Worship Online page.

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