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We here at Storrs Congregational Church UCC are excited to begin offering an online bookshop to provide easy access to quality books and resources that speak from a progressive Christian perspective. Working in conjunction with, a small portion of the proceeds from purchases made through the SCC bookshop support independent bookstores around our region and beyond… and a further small portion of the proceeds is contributed back to us here at SCC!

The reality in both general bookstore inventories and among religious booksellers is that voices from right-wing, conservative versions of Christianity are often significantly over-represented in what patrons can easily find. In our online bookshop, we seek to promote and provide easy access to resources that speak from the mainstream and progressive Christian perspectives that reflect the faith and values we hold as a community of faith. We will also feature books and materials that connect with activities going on here at Storrs Congregational, from our faith formation and educational offerings to special-interest programs and even to our own in-congregation book club.

As we launch this SCC Bookshop in May 2020, we’re still in the process of populating our virtual shelves with materials… so be sure to continue checking back for more offerings! In addition, over time we will add indicators to listed items letting you know that a book or resource is also available for check-out from the SCC library, should you prefer to check something out there rather than purchase.

Books from the publishing houses of the historically-mainline traditions — such as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Fortress Press and Augsburg Fortress, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Westminster John Knox Press, the Episcopal Church’s Church Publishing and Morehouse, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)’s Chalice Press, and our own United Church of Christ’s Pilgrim Press — supply a significant source of our listed offerings. Other materials come from reputable ecumenical publishers such as Eerdmans, from progressive Catholic publishers like Orbis Books, from respected religious publishers in the UK and Canada, and from secular publishers with quality offerings in mainstream and progressive Christianity such as HarperOne. Finally, a section of Recommended Bibles make for easy access to a variety of bibles using reliable and academically-respected translations of the scriptures, especially the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) that we usually use in worship here at Storrs Congregational, but also the Common English Bible (CEB), the Revised English Bible (REB), the New Jerusalem Bible, and others.

By shopping through, patrons are helping support small, independent booksellers that provide essential enrichment to community and economic life all around our region and country. Instead of sending dollars off to one of the mega-retailers that have come to dominate the book marketplace, shopping on helps send resources back into local communities and keeps the book marketplace diverse, lively, and creative!

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