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Dear Ones,

Happy Easter and Happy Spring! I am so looking forward in continuing to serve and to work side by side with all of you in your ministries here at SCC. I know the Holy Spirit is alive and well and breathing the fresh air of spring in all of the ways we serve people, near and far. I remain impressed with your dedication, stamina, and creativity in all you do for this congregation as we envision new ways of being and doing church. (I try not to brag about you too much!).

As we exit the winter months and all of the uncertainty of the pandemic, we have much to be hopeful and thankful for in this time of resurrection: the loving connections between church members; ideas about safely resuming in-person gatherings; the expansion of the Food Pantry; our new rainbow flag; the planting of our Peace Pole later this spring; and our Spring Fair.

I am hoping to offer some short, afternoon services in the chapel this spring/summer and am in discussion with the deacons. Please mark your calendar for a women’s retreat, “A Prayerful Pause,” on Saturday, June 5, at Mercy by the Sea in Madison. Lisa and I will lead the retreat and more information will be forthcoming next month. The day will offer individual time near the ocean to replenish our souls, Tai Chi, communal prayer and reflection, and lunch together.

Lisa and I are also planning a week long summer camp for middleschoolers the week of June 21 with the working title, Take Heart! Take Action! Each day will focus on a service project in Mansfield, Hartford, and Worcester with time for prayerful reflection and processing after lunch each day. Please let us know if you might be willing to volunteer to be on the planning team or to serve as a helper. We value your ideas and insights!

I will be away for my quarterly week-end off on April 25. Linda Choser, a graduate in Transformative Leadership from Hartford Seminary, will offer the sermon and benediction that Sunday with deacons assisting in the service prayers.

I close with this prayer by Ann Weems from her book, Searching for Shalom. As always, please stop in anytime, call or email. I will be planning weekly courtyard visits now that the weather is warmer and hope to see you then!

“Our Gifts Are Gifts of Hope”
Our yearning after God, our hope for a better way
Creates infinite possibilities to touch the lives of the untouched
To reach the hearts of the unreached
To heal the wounds of the unhealed
To feed the bodies of the unfed
To accept the personhood of the unaccepted
To love the being of the unloved.
Our gifts are gifts of hope; O God,
Touch, reach, heal, feed, accept, and love us
That we might love one another.

Each one of you has been a gift to me~
Eastertide blessings,
Pastor Debbie

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