Library News – September 2014

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Fall in the Library

We have continued to service the library all summer with Sunday openings following the worship service and in maintenance activities to keep you supplied and informed about new titles. Just about every Sunday you will find a listing of interesting titles for your reading pleasure.

This summer we saw the construction of the Media Center in the library. It is exciting to see the library facilities enter the electronic age. Thank you so much to the Metzger Family for honoring their Husband, Father and grandfather with this wonderful gift to increase presentations for Faith Formation activities and meeting capabilities. Pastor Matt tells us that he has used some of the equipment and that by using the correct equipment we should have an impressive instructional display before us. This finishing touch on the project will be forthcoming.

Along with this development the Library Committee, a sub-committee of the Christian Education Committee, has had a long desire to switch to electronic cataloging and retrieval procedures. We have pretty much selected the program we are interested in with thanks to Elaine Greer’s suggestion. It will take a very long time to switch all our titles to the computer but we believe most people are now familiar with the technology and that the card catalog is rather antiquated but has been a dependable part of the library since its inception in the late 1950’s. We will appreciate your support in accomplishing this task and in cheering us forward. This will also speed up our in house procedures for placing books on the shelves more quickly.

Remember, the Book Discussion Group will resume on Sunday, September 21 with a review of Richard Ford’s Canada. Please join in the fellowship and discussion in the library at 7 P.M.

So do come on by and enjoy the new center. In the meantime, here is a list of books for you to consider:

  • Prudence Crandall: A Biography by Marvis Olive Welch is about the woman who opened a school for “young ladies and little misses of color” in Canterbury, CT. After you read this book you can visit the school which is now a museum in Canterbury.
  • Gracie A Love Story by George Burns tells about the Gracie seen on stage and the TV screen as well as a smart and loving wife and mother of two adopted children.
  • Drawn from New England, Tasha Tudor, A Portrait in Words and Pictures by Bethany Tudor tells of her mother’s individual way of life and her art. Photographs and drawing that had not been published give a true background of her books and family which includes pets and farm animals.
  • The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman takes place on an Indian Reservation in the four corners area of the southwest.
  • Shroud for a Nightingale by P.D. James is an Adam Dalgliesh mystery that takes place in a training school for nurses.
  • Black Coffee was written by Agatha Christie as a three act play in 1930, this has been adapted as a novel by Charles Osborne.

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