Songs of Gratitude

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What a year it has been! Almost unbelievably we were able to keep our worship music ‘live’ over virtual platforms. Now, with vaccinations for most, we’re bringing our full ensembles back together.

A song of gratitude to our tech trio, Matt, Andy and Claire, who made this possible.

A song of gratitude to our soloists, especially Cathy and Elaine, Mark and Rich, who kept our worship going all last spring and summer. Singing hymns as a soloist is no easy thing.

A song of gratitude to our choir members who recognized they could be there on behalf of all, even if it meant singing outside their comfort zones in small ensembles of quartets, men only, and women only. You made our worship glorious.

A song of gratitude to our bell players who kept me laughing, who enthusiastically recorded themselves from deck and pool room, in duets and trios, who learned how to play with metronomes, who learned that wind is not just a Pentecost phenomenon, who practiced over and over again and learned new techniques – brava Cheryl.

A song of gratitude to you, the congregation for supporting our choral scholars. Our worship music would not have happened without their unflagging support. This may be unbeknownst to you but the scholars did so much more than what you saw. They led sectional rehearsals, worked on videos, brought us amazing solo music, contributed their
instrumental music talents, and above all, led our worship with their beautiful singing. We could never have accomplished what we did without them.

A song of gratitude to our choral scholars. Thank you for the joy you have brought us during a difficult time. You are beloved! Jonah, we wish you the very best as you depart our midst for new horizons.

A song of gratitude for Spring, for the hope it brings, for the possibility of someday raising all of our voices in song together.

Thank you for all your blessings!

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