Our Food Pantry is Changing

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Food insecurity is more of an issue in our area than we’d like to admit. This is true on the campus of our university as well as in homes of seniors and families. In an attempt to be more effective in responding to this need, Foodshare recently reached out to our SCC Food Pantry to partner with us. Through our partnership, we are now able to procure
frozen meat and poultry, as well as stock our shelves at a very modest cost because of the donations made to Feeding America and its affiliate programs, such as Foodshare.

Our pantry will be moving to the education building directly across from our library. We are receiving a donation of a refrigerator, which actually is an adapted Coca Cola machine, and we will need to purchase a freezer.

The main emphasis in the Fall will be to reach more students. Janice Castle, our coordinator of Student Ministries, and Ray Joesten, a professor emeritus who is very interested in this effort, will be promoting this service by reaching out to several offices, individuals, and student groups on campus. Jane Joesten remains in charge of the pantry. We will continue to cooperate with Kathy Ann Easley of our Town of Mansfield Social Services.

What can you do?

  • Come to the Spring Fair on May 8. Proceeds will support the pantry.
  • Contact Jane about volunteering some hours.
  • Monetary donations (checks to SCC with Pantry in the memo line) are always welcome, as we will purchase personal needs items and produce that may not be available through Foodshare.
  • If you would like to experience a Foodshare pickup, Jan Castle would be your contact.
  • We will need help in moving and setting up the new room. Look for a wishlist of needed items (coming soon). Call Jan Hoyle to volunteer for that task.
  • There are new shelves that need to be put together. Contact Ray Joesten for that project.
  • Pray for an effective outreach to those who are food insecure. Pray that the whole food crises may be resolved so food pantries are no longer needed.

Storrs Congregational Church has always been a generous monetary supporter in our community. As you are involved on a personal level, your life is enriched with new relationships and the personal understanding of where others need the touch of God’s love and our resources in their lives. God works through us. That’s you and me!

Jan Hoyle
Co-coordinator of Outreach Ministries

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