Springtime Comes to the Library

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Earth Day came in April! Most of us realize it as a daily happening! I can remember back to the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, and how much public planting was done by many volunteers. Presently, Town of Windham volunteers have committed to planting 325 new trees over a period of time to commemorate the beginning of the Windham’s, particularly Windham Center. Projects like this beautify our world but also help improve the quality of the air we breathe. Next year remember to ride around Coventry and enjoy the efforts of their daffodil project. There is also a group in Willimantic that gathers in a designated area and picks up the trash, much of which can only be reached on foot. There are a few books on display in the library which you are welcome to borrow according to the directions on the table.

What can you do to improve the environment? There are many more books available in the library including some great flower and vegetable gardening volumes. If you think things have gotten away from you in Spring 2021 before you know it Spring 2022 will be upon us. Plan now from the decisions you made this year.

We are pleased to share with you that the library will be open following the outside worship services. Please allow time to browse the shelves and borrow a few books. We have been very lenient in the length of borrowing time throughout the pandemic and will continue it for a period of time.

On Tuesday June 8, Pastor Debbie will do a LIVE presentation in the library regarding her interests in Brit’s School in Haiti. It will be a morning program which means you can come in person! Pastor Debbie will discuss the fascinating story that brought about the founding of the “Be Like Brit Foundation”. This group has built a school, hired staff and services 66 children at this time. Debbie speaks proudly of her involvement in planning curriculum and participating in training teachers. Her presentation for SCC will be repeated on Thursday evening, June 10 on Zoom. A copy of the book on the foundation is available in the library. The Library Committee is happy to bring this program to you.

2021-2022 books have been selected by the Book Discussion Group. We will be purchasing those which are not on the shelves presently. We’ll keep you posted as will Malta Bailey, who coordinates the events.

Welcome back to the Edwina Whitney Library
of the Storrs Congregational Church!

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