A Message from our Pastor

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Dear Ones,

Happy New Year! And blessings upon this new season of Epiphany!
We may be tucking away Christmas lights and ornaments, and sweeping up remaining fir and spruce needles from the floor, but we do not hide away our breaking-in God. The bright light of God, illuminated through Creation and the prophets, and through God’s incarnation in Jesus, accompanies us with every step in our life together, much like the steps that led the Magi to Bethlehem.
The shepherds spread the good news in all its awe, and the wise ones were drawn toward Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, to bear witness to this Prince of Peace. The miracle of God’s love continues to shape us even today, for we are made in God’s image. Our still speaking God continues to do new things with God’s people, in a new year, in a new season.  What an Epiphany! 
Friends, please join us for worship this Sunday, as we follow stars toward the light of God.

In Christ,


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