You are Invited to our Lenten Seeking Series

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Lenten Gatherings with Pastor Diane. We will spend a little time each week with honest questions for deeper faith: Questions like: “Who inspires your faith?”… “Where in your life would you like to say yes?” … “Who in your life is an excellent listener? What makes them so?” Sign up by emailing Rev. Diane: and receive from Diane your own set of devotional cards for the journey! Hope you will join us! (Meet Up Mondays with Pastor Diane will not meet during the season of Lent)

You are also Invited to our Lenten Book Study with Faith Formation Director Lisa Haupt.

Do you seek to live spiritually in a world of constant change and motion? This book offers spiritual wisdom on how to move from the mind to the heart and live there in the center–the place where God dwells.”  -Michael Christensen and Rebecca Laird
Spiritual formation is not about steps or stages on the way to perfection. It’s about the movements from the mind to the heart through prayer in its many forms that reunite us with God, each other, and our truest selves.”      -Henri Nouwen

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