Perceptions Shoe Drive Continues

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You may have noticed that the ‘Shoe Drive’ boxes are still located in both the Narthex and the Parish House entryway (right outside the office). That is because the need for the homeless to have adequate shoes and foot protection is an ongoing need! Shoes don’t have a special season or celebration time – they are always in need!
Perception Programs, Inc., a nonprofit organization that promotes wellness through innovative and
holistic behavioral health care for individuals in our community offers a variety of services to our clients such as: counseling, various kinds of therapy, residential treatment, recovery programs, and various other risk and harm reduction services. Shoes are being collected because through work with the community and the homeless we have many requests for assistance with shoes. Many individuals are reporting sore feet and/or wounds on their feet due to shoes that do not fit. All types of shoes are necessary and many of these shoes will go to the homeless literally living outside. Sneakers and boots for women and adults are in most need at this time but all shoes are necessary! Monetary donations may be made to assist this program. Make checks payable to ‘SCC’ with ‘Shoe Drive’ in the memo line. We will collect the contributions and send one check to the program on behalf of the church. Thank you for keeping this vital community need in mind when speaking with family, friends and neighbors.

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