Governance Exploration

Governance Exploration

Commissioned in early 2014 following extensive study by the Church Council in 2013 around issues of governance and ministry leadership, SCC’s Governance Task Force (GTF) is actively working on plans for a new governance system for our congregation.

The philosophy and approach toward governance with which the GTF and the Church Council are working is largely based on the models for good congregational governance expressed by Dan Hotchkiss in his book Governance and Ministry.

The Governance Task Force members are:

Rev. Matthew

A Resolution Authorizing a Trial Run

At a special meeting of the congregation called for September, 27, 2015, the congregation voted to adopt “A Resolution Authorizing a Trial Run of new Governance and Ministry Leadership Structures for the Storrs Congregational Church, Inc., United Church of Christ.”  The adoption of this resolution set in motion the steps necessary to begin implementing the proposals for governance structures and ministry leadership systems that the Governance Task Force has prepared.

You can read the full resolution here:

A Resolution Authorizing a Trial Run_Page_1
A Resolution Authorizing a Trial Run…

The Gist of It:  Communications from the GTF to the congregation

You can stay informed about the process the GTF has engaged in, as well as the proposals for various elements of a new system for ministry leadership and governance, by checking out the issues of The Gist of ItThe Gist of It is an occasional newsletter prepared by the GTF sharing perspectives, proposals, and more.  Each issue has been followed by some form of congregational conversation and engagement, resulting in further refinements and and revisions.

The Gist of It - Issue 1
The Gist of It - Issue 2 - FINAL

Issue 1

  • History and Process overview
  • Looking at the “Philosophy” of Governance we’re pursuing

Issue 2

  • Exploring the congregation’s “reserve powers”
  • Understanding the distinction between governance and ministry

The Gist of It - Issue 3 - FINAL
The Gist of It - Issue 4 - FINAL

Issue 3

  • A proposed structure for the congregation’s Governing Board (“the Board”)
  • A proposal around the nominating / “leadership discernment” process
  • Clarifying the role and work of The Board
  • Beginning thoughts on structures for Ministry leadership

Issue 4

  • A review of the congregation’s conversations at our Annual Meeting governance workshop
  • Sharing information about the GTF’s process of gathering information and experiences from other UCC congregations pursuing this type of governance change
  • A more-concrete proposal around Ministry leadership

The Gist of It - Issue 4 - FINAL

Issue 5

  • Information about upcoming GTF Q&As and Town Hall gatherings
  • A review of the process thus far…
  • A proposed timeline for a trial run of the proposed frameworks (and eventual long-term implementation, if all goes well)
  • A summary review of the proposed frameworks (recapping information shared in the previous issues of The Gist of It)
  • An updated index to all issues of The Gist of It

Interim Report to Church Council

June 2015:  In preparation for the June meeting of the SCC Church Council, the Governance Task Force prepared an interim report of its work and proposals-thus-far, including a proposed timeline for entering into a trial run and implementation phase of the project.

Interim Report of the Governance Task Force - Final

Read the interim report