Ten Reasons We Think You’ll Like It Here

We believe that there many things about our life and journey together here at Storrs Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, that would make you want to be a part of it all. Here are just a few…

10. You’re tired of simple answers to the difficult questions.

9. We’ve got a beautiful, interesting, historic building that’s located rite near the heart of the UConn campus… easy to get to from all around northeastern Connecticut… just steps from some really great restaurants and coffee shops… not to mention the UConn Dairy Bar!

8. You’d like to be somewhere that you don’t have to check your brain, your heart, or your soul at the door.

7. You’re looking for a community where not everyone looks the same, talks alike, and believes the exact same things.

6. Sermons you can actually remember on the way home.

5. We respect and encourage children’s own capacity for discovering their faith and experiencing God.

4. You want Jesus to be relevant to your life, and you want your life to be relevant to Jesus.

3. Christianity-lite just isn’t doing it for you.

2. We offer every person who walks through our door God’s own radical welcome—all the way from the church steps to the Communion Table.

1. God is waiting… with open arms.

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