Connecting In

Connecting In

We believe that God calls us to be in community — for mutual encouragement, care, spiritual growth, and companionship in acts of outreach and justice. There are many ways to connect with others at Storrs Congregational…

Pastoral Care Ministries

Our whole community engages in care and compassion for one another.  When particular needs arise, the caring ministries of our congregation come via our pastors as well as through our Call to Care Ministry Team of lay ministers.

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Fellowship Groups and Gatherings

God created us to live in community: to gather together to be known, to be cared for, to be challenged—and to discover how God is calling us into deeper relationship with God, each other, and the world.

Opportunities abound for the entire Storrs Congregational community to enjoy fellowship during the time of conversation and refreshments following the Sunday Festival Worship service and at periodic special events throughout the year.  In addition, our various smaller groups–many of which combine elements of service work with their fellowship time–are a great way to get connected in more personally.  Whatever you gifts or interests, there is something here at Storrs Congregational for you… and if you have further ideas or want to start up a different group or ministry, we’d love to hear about it!


Ministry with UConn Students

The whole University of Connecticut community, including both undergraduate and graduate students, is a key component to the fabric of our life together here at Storrs Congregational.