Caring Ministry Team

Caring Ministry Team

The Caring Ministry Team (CMT) is a network of lay volunteers from around our congregation that works in collaboration with our pastoral and professional staff to meet needs of individuals and families in our faith community.

At times of illness, hospitalization, death, employment changes and other challenges, as well as at times of celebration such as new births, the CMT finds ways to support SCC members and friends. Through this web of care-giving ministry, we arrange for visits to people who are isolated or recovering from illness, transportation and meals for those in need of them, prayer and keeping-in-touch communications through cards and phone calls, and more.

Living out Christ’s teachings, we organize volunteers of all ages and talents to support others, carefully matching skills and interests for serving with expressed needs.

To join this network of ministry and care, please contact Caring Ministry Coordinator Kathy Lindner:

Home phone: 860 477 0233
Cell phone: 201 723 0458