Welcome UConn Students

United Church of Christ campus ministry at UConn

A warm welcome to all UConn students!

Since the earliest days of the school we now know and love as the University of Connecticut, it’s been our congregation’s privilege and joy to welcome students in our midst and to be in ministry to, with, and among you!  We consider ourselves blessed to have numerous students–both undergraduate and graduate level–active in a variety of areas of our life together each year.


One ways that many UConn students first experience us is by participating in the worship life here at Storrs Congregational.  We’re not at all ashamed to admit that in this grand ol’ place, we “do church” in some pretty traditional ways. We study the teachings and the actions of Jesus. We gather around the waters of grace in baptism and the feast table of Christ in Holy Communion, just as Christians have done for nearly two thousand years. Some of the songs we sing are ones our grandparents might also have sung in their day. And yet, in our preaching and prayers, we wrestle with the challenges of the modern world. Whenever you are with us, we hope your heart will hear something personal and relevant—a word of comfort, a spur to action, a call to a deeper relationship with God.

Weekly Sunday Worship happens at 10:00 am Sunday mornings in the SCC Meeting House right on the corner of Route 195 and North Eagleville Rd.

Other worship experiences that happen while UConn is in session often include:

  • An Ecumenical Festival of Lessons and Carols for Advent,
  • Ash Wednesday service at 7:00 pm on Ash Wednesday.
  • Holy Week and Easter Sunday services.

We especially invite UConn students to take an active part in the music ministries that support our worship life.  Whether you sing, play an instrument or percussion, or are willing to learn something new, there’s a place for you!

Learn more about our worship life over in the Worshiping God section of our site.

8571981913_bd547dc1c3_bUCC UConn Alternative Spring Break Mission Trip

Another primary way that UConn students often first find their way into our midst is by participating with the alternative spring break (ASB) service-mission trip that our SCC-affiliated registered student organization, UCC UConn, organizes each year.

Through the UCC UConn ASB trip, students have reached out with the love of Christ through ministries of service–especially disaster relief and recovery–in the communities of Slidell, Louisiana (greater New Orleans); Texas City, Texas; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; and Joplin, Missouri.

In preparation for the trip, UCC UConn participants engage in service work in our local community and put on a festive Valentine’s Weekend Dinner in our facilities here at Storrs Congregational, both to help assist with the group’s fundraising efforts.

Faith Formation                                                 

As a UConn student, you’re welcome and invited to take part in any of the adult faith formation programs, activities, and groups happening here at Storrs Congregational.  You might think about:

  • CAFE Storrs, our mid-week adult bible study group that meets 10:30am-12pm via Zoom or in the SCC Lounge.
  • Church participation in UCONN events such as “Holding It Down” activity at Fresh Check Day and Weekend of Welcome.
  • And be sure to look for our Muffin Ministry on the UCONN campus!  Friendly and welcoming faces passing out freshly baked muffins to students!

SCC is a part of the Interfaith Meals and Meetings program:

Come check us out!

Perhaps you come to UConn having been a part of a United Church of Christ congregation elsewhere… then we’re the place for you!  Perhaps you come having been a part of one of the traditions we’re in “full communion” with: the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Reformed Church in America, and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)… and if so, then we’re also the campus ministry here at UConn for you, too!

That doesn’t even begin to cover, though, who all is active here at Storrs Congregational Church UCC and in our campus ministries, including UCC UConn!  Many find a home here having come from other mainline Protestant churches–like the United Methodist Church or the American Baptist Churches–and many come from a range of other traditions–Roman Catholic, evangelical, Unitarian Universalist, and more.

But even more, when we say that “no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, God welcomes you… and so do we!”, we mean that!  It doesn’t matter your faith/religious background, or even if you don’t have any faith/religious background.  If you’re open to exploring big questions of faith, meaning, spirituality, and vocation… if you’re looking to explore what all this faith and God and Jesus stuff might be all about… if you’re open to hearing us share the hope we find in the good news about the God made known in Jesus Christ… if you’re willing to join together with willing hearts, working hands, open minds, and caring lives–and your honest doubts, too… then you might just be home here! We hope so… and we hope to see you.