Adult Formation

Pastor Matt in library with adult groupFaith Formation for Adults

Formation and education in the faith is a lifelong pursuit at Storrs Congregational.  Growing lives of faith is a lifelong process, and it takes intentional practice and formation.  We believe that until God brings all we know to its final fulfillment, there will be more for us to discover about God, about ourselves, and about the world.  Further, we believe that the world needs Christians who are well-educated, thoughtful, faithful, and formed by long engagement with the Bible and the best scholarship of the day, so we try to keep our minds and hearts limber, delighted, and open by frequent exercise.

The Sunday Forum

This adult Christian Education group meets on Sunday mornings at 9:00 in the Christian Education building, room 201. The Sunday Forum is an open and welcoming group that envelopes a large age span, providing a wide spectrum of generational perspectives.

During the course of the year we study Christian philosophies, read books, discuss world news, personal experiences, and discuss Biblical lectionary selections. We are currently exploring a workbook course in Basic Christianity together.

The Forum does not require regular commitment, and all are welcome to come as schedules allow. We encourage inquiring minds to come, read, share, and learn how to become who you were created to be.

C.A.F.E. Storrs

“Coffee And Faith Exploration Storrs” is a weekly adult formation group that meets Wednesday mornings, 10:30 am – 12:00 Noon. Through most of the year, the pastor who will be preaching the following Sunday leads the group in Bible study and exploration of the lectionary scripture text(s) that will be used in worship.

At select times of the year, though, this lectionary Bible study is interspersed with multi-week topical study series; recent topical series have included “Making Sense of Scripture”, “God in America”, “Martin Luther”, and “Living the Questions”.

All are welcome and invited; no prior knowledge or experience is expected or necessary!

Women on the Way

Women on the Way is a periodic faith formation gathering time for women of all ages.

Seasonal Formation Series

In addition to our ongoing adult formation offerings, special spirituality and study options are offered during particular seasons of the year. Recently, these have included “Table Graces: Mid-week Communion and Conversation”, a Lenten series focusing on the hymn “Amazing Grace” and the sacrament of Holy Communion; “Behold! Cultivating Awareness in the Season of Advent”, a spirituality-focused series; and “That All May Have Life”, a Lenten series on the stories of encounter with Jesus in the Gospel of John.