Faith Formation for Youth

IMG_9540Junior Pilgrim Fellowship youth group (JPF)

Junior Pilgrim Fellowship is the middle school youth group (grades 5-8). JPF provides a time where same-aged youth, within the same family of Christ, can develop a sense of fellowship with one another as they find ways to explore lives of faith, and to affect the greater community.

JPF is a mixture of fun and bonding time, along with a focus on Christian Education and faith development to provide a stable foundation on which to build their lives.

The members of JPF establish their own covenant and contribute to ideas for their semi-monthly meetings, which range from seasonal projects to outreach to faith practices. Some examples include:

  • fundraising for the less fortunate, making Easter and Thanksgiving baskets for the
    families our church helps support,
  • volunteering at the Windham Area Interfaith Ministries center,
  • taking nature hikes, planting flowers around the church grounds,
  • playing Monster Golf,
  • learning to juggle,
  • and eating a Pancake Supper before Lent.

It is a fun and inspirational group of caring and dynamic individuals.

If you have questions about how you, or your child, can join the Junior Pilgrim Fellowship, please contact Pastor Nancy.

Confirmation Sunday sceneConfirmation

As youth transition from middle school to high school, their faith development also continues to grow, develop, and mature. In our tradition, one of the ways we attempt to intentionally nurture the youth among us into mature faith and discipleship is through our year-long Confirmation experience. Including classes led by our pastoral staff, mentoring relationships with adults in our congregation, retreat experiences, and mission-service work, the Confirmation experience invites youth to “own” their Christian faith for themselves.

Near the end of the year-long process, participants will be invited to consider whether they want to affirm for themselves the vows made on their behalf at their baptism through the Rite of Confirmation (youth not yet baptized will similarly be invited to consider receiving the sacrament of Baptism).

Our Confirmation experience is open to students in grades 8 and 9, and is held every-other-year; the next Confirmation experience will begin in the fall of 2015.

IMG_8019Senior Pilgrim Fellowship youth group (SPF)

The Senior Pilgrim Fellowship is the Storrs Congregational Church Senior High School Youth Group (grades 9-12). SPF meets twice per month for regular meetings in which we talk about and experience ways to live our faith. Our time together is about community, relationship- building, and nurturing spiritual growth while navigating the highs and lows of life as teenagers
growing into adulthood.

In addition to semi-monthly meetings, SPF also embarks on two trips each year: the first is a service-learning trip, during which time the SPF students seek to serve others, while also experiencing the lives of those beyond our immediate community.  SPF has worked with the homeless in New York City, Washington DC and Boston and in each situation, SPF-ers have encountered life-changing experiences while learning about self, others, and the larger world, and God’s work in it.

The second annual trip is a four-day spiritual retreat on Enders Island during Memorial Day weekend.  Though the SPF-ers choose a different theme of the retreat each year, the weekend regularly consists of conversations and experiences that challenge our understanding about how to live our faith and to share our personal spiritual journey with God. Upon returning from both the annual mission trip and Enders Island retreat, SPF shares our experiences with the congregation by leading a worship service on a Sunday morning.

In keeping with our orientation towards open hearts and minds, SPF welcomes ALL high school students, regardless of affiliation with SCC. SPF hopes that all who attend will feel free to join in exploring what it means to live a life of faith.  If you have questions about how you or your child can be involved, please contact Pastor Nancy.