SCC Library

The Edwina Whitney Library, located on the ground floor of our Christian Education wing, supports and supplements the religious and inspirational needs of the staff, lay leaders, and members.

General reading materials are available for all ages, as well.  New purchases and gifts of books focus on maintaining the collection with current national issues and faithful Christian responses to them. Books are available by many popular and classic authors in both the children and adult sections.

Many of the children’s books emphasize caring, serving, and loving. Individuals who are unable to come to worship or events at the church often make request or are offered books for their reading pleasure.

The library is also equipped with an up-to-date media display center with large-screen flat panel display, BlueRay-capable DVD player, and both computer presentation and stand-alone streaming internet media capabilities.  The addition of this media center, given in memory of Larry Metzgar in the summer of 2014, further enhances the Library’s functionality as a meeting space and its ministry as an enhancement to the educational and faith formation activities of the congregation.

The library is open following worship on Sunday mornings and Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 am, and is used as a meeting space for groups at various other times during the week.  Books may be borrowed at any time by following the instructions on the file cabinet in the library.

As a part of its ministry, the Library also sponsors our SCC Book Club.

Ongoing support for the library is provided by the church budget and by gifts from the SCC Women’s Fellowship and individuals.

For more information about the library, or to find out how you can help in its promotion or operations, contact Janet Atkins:

Janet Atkins