Open and Affirming

In January 1994, we, the Storrs Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, proclaimed ourselves an Open and Affirming congregation through the adoption of this statement:

This Church declares itself to be an Open and Affirming Church. In declaring our openness, we reaffirm the principles of our Church Covenant:  proclaiming the gospel to all people, exalting the worship of the one true God, promoting justice and peace, and working toward the fellowship of all God’s people.

Believing that each of us is unique and blessed with special talents from God, each a creation of God’s love, alike and yet different, we open our doors and our ministry to all. We accept into full participation in the life of this Church: people of any age, economic status, gender, marital status, race, sexual orientation, and physical, emotional and mental capability. Guided by God’s unconditional love, we will actively seek to discover and minister to the physical and spiritual needs of each individual, providing services and funding as we are able.

By declaring itself to be an Open and Affirming Church, this Church recognizes that, as a Church family, we are bound together in covenant and Christian love. As a community, we will work to put aside all prejudices and to affirm and promote the worth and dignity of each person.

You can learn more about the Open and Affirming movement in the United Church of Christ at the UCC Open and Affirming Coalition (successor to the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns).