Local Mission Partners

Local Mission Partners

We have the privilege of working with a number of fantastic local organizations and ministry partners as we all seek together to bring about greater mercy, peace, and justice in our community.

Our Partners include…

Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM)

SCC's WAIM delegate Josh Miller and alternate delegate Annetta Miller.

SCC’s WAIM delegate Josh Miller and alternate delegate Annetta Miller.

Storrs Congregational is a founding member of the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM), one of the longest-standing and wide-reaching mission and service organizations in our region of Connecticut.  Based in nearby Willimantic, WAIM’s programs include a fuel assistance fund–supported in part by the annual WAIM Walk for Warmth–to help people in financial need with the costs of home heating; a center for redistribution of furniture and household goods; a clothing ‘closet’ with special focus on professional clothes for interviewing and work needs; a back-to-school program; a community garden; and more!

We at Storrs Congregational support WAIM through significant financial contributions, by volunteering in their goods collection and thrift shop ministries, by assisting WAIM with numerous logistical and organizational needs, and by promoting and participating in key events and fundraisers.

Visit the WAIM website.

Covenant Soup Kitchen

Located in the building of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Valley Street in nearby Willimantic, the Covenant Soup Kitchen forms a key part of the food safety net in our region of Connecticut.  Providing breakfast six days-a-week and lunch seven-days-a-week, the soup kitchen serves hundreds of meals each week to people in our community who might not otherwise be fed.

In addition to significant financial support, Storrs Congregational supports the Covenant Soup Kitchen through helping staff the volunteer-run lunches on Saturdays on multiple occasions during the year and well as periodically sharing overflow food resources from our food pantry and food distribution ministries.

Visit the Covenant Soup Kitchen website.


FoodShare is the regional food bank for our region of Connecticut–the greater Hartford region, encompassing all of Hartford and Tolland counties.  FoodShare engages in a wide-ranging mission of addressing food challenges in the region, from distributing food to agencies such as soup kitchens and shelters, to providing fresh produce via local town delivery stops, to engaging in policy advocacy to help address the wider, systemic issues that lead to food insecurity and injustice.

We support FoodShare through financial contributions as well as by volunteering with the local FoodShare delivery here in the Town of Mansfield.

Visit the FoodShare website.

Covenant to Care for Children

Covenant to Care for Children channels the generosity of caring and faithful people to advocate for, and provide direct assistance to Connecticut’s children who are neglected, abused, and/or impoverished.  Through their Adopt-a-Social-Worker program, faith communities partner with a particular social worker in Connecticut to, as far as is possible, provide for the necessary and special items needed for all of the children in that social worker’s caseload. This augments the provisions of the State, often assuring greater stability in the life of a child.

We here at Storrs Congregational are partnered with a case worker based at the United Services office in nearby Columbia.

Visit the Covenant to Care for Children website.

Town of Mansfield Human Services

We regularly interface with the Human Services staff of our town, the Town of Mansfield, to address crisis and long-term needs, both of town residents referred to us for possible assistance in some way and of SCC members who reside in Mansfield who we work to connect with available town and regional resources.

Visit the Town of Mansfield Human Services website.

Holy Family Shelter

The Holy Family Shelter’s mission is this:

“HFHS Homeless Services combines shelter and housing services with a community outreach approach. We are committed to street outreach, case management, providing shelter, and basic needs to help individuals address their unique challenges and build a better future for themselves and their families. We must also look at why our guests end up on the streets and in poverty and address those challenges. We recognize that there are gaps in the system. HFHS is working to identify solutions to a complex social problem.”   

Visit the Holy Family Shelter website for more information.

Windham Region No Freeze Shelter

Visit the No Freeze Shelter website.